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HOS SHIPS Equipment Int’l

At HOS SHIPS Equipment Int’l we offer the finest variety of ship spare parts and equipment used within the marine industry such as pumps, motors, filters, cabin equipment, safety products, desalination equipment, marine and electrical accessories and engines. We find it crucial to provide these products at the best possible prices and within a timely delivery schedule.

With HOS SHIPS, you can be rest assured of trouble-free supply of technical spares through one single contact. Shipping business is running all the time. Every second count for us with our delivery time.

Our various ranges of quality products can be supplied as customer needs with satisfaction. We have worldwide delivery system to meet your demands.

Meet Our C.E.O.



HOSMUNT Y. COKAN is the sole owner of HOS SHIPS Equipment Int’l. He is personally a minded businessman, with over 20 years experience and trust from different partners. His Company Strength and strategic growth comes from its asset of talented, trained and experienced professionals who are able to deliver quality systems and constantly provide innovative and cost effective solutions for our customers.

We have specialty in the delivery of any of the following ships such as Cruise Ships, Logistic Ships, Yacht Ships, Marine Ships, Naval Ships, and Passenger Ships. We have developed great business connection with counties such as United Kingdom (UK), Italy, Germany, Japan, France, and Austria...

With customized solutions we are able to adapt to the unique requirements of different shipyards, vessels & rig owners by bringing together our experiences and specialized knowledge within each vertical solution. Our capabilities allow us to cross-sell and integrate our services to enlarge our customer base.

We maintain good relationship with our clients